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Rapidul a intrat la apa in fata Voluntariului! PDF Imprimare Email
Sâmbătă, 09 Decembrie 2023 23:21

Ar putea fi o imagine cu 5 persoane, persoane jucând fotbal, persoane jucând fotbal şi text

Rapidul venea dupa o serie grea in campionat si dupa un egal cat o infrangere in Cupa Romaniei, impotriva celor de la CFR Cluj. 

Astfel, meciul de azi, ultimul din 2023 in fata propriilor spectatori reprezenta o buna ocazie de a mai spala putin din imaginea ultimelor jocuri, in fata a aproximativ 5934 de spectatori, prezenti, pe un frig naprasnic in Bucuresti.

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Arte martiale
The North American Open PDF Imprimare Email
Joi, 07 Decembrie 2023 18:54

The North American Open is approaching quickly, and you don't want to miss this tournament! Top competitors from North America and across the world will be there, will you be there?


This event is open to all, regardless of style, dojo or federation affiliations. 

Divisions Available:

  • Traditional Kata
  • Traditional Kata - Style Specific/ Mandatory
  • Traditional Kobudo
  • Kumite - Sanbon
  • Kumite - Ippon
  • Team Rotational Kumite
  • Inclusive Kata *
  • Inclusive Kobudo *
  • Inclusive Kihon *


* - The Inclusive divisions are designed for para and special needs athletes.

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Mai multă siguranță iarna datorită vizibilității clare fără înghețare PDF Imprimare Email
Joi, 07 Decembrie 2023 11:38




When temperatures drop, it's time to prepare for extreme driving conditions. One of the most important preparations for sub-zero temperatures and snowfall that you should make as a motorist or driver of a commercial vehicle is to ensure good visibility. Our products for windshield antifreeze ensure your safety on the road, even in sub-zero temperatures, thanks to powerful cleaning performance.

                 Clear view due to powerful cleaning and anti-icing protection

Our windshield antifreeze contains cleaning surfactants that effortlessly remove dirt, insect residue and other deposits and quickly ensure a clear view.

One of their main features is effective frost protection. This not only cleans optimally but also prevents the windshield and nozzles from icing up at temperatures as low as -20 °C and -52 °C respectively. Thus, your windshield washer system remains ready for use even in extremely cold weather and you do not have to worry about limited visibility.

Gentle formula, suitable for all vehicles

The windscreen antifreeze agents do not cause any damage on vehicle surfaces. Plastics, rubber and paints are not attacked, on the contrary, the agents help to keep rubber supple, which can extend the life of your wiper blades.

Thanks to the gentle formula, they can also be used without hesitation for vehicles with new wiper technologies and fan nozzles, as well as for those with LED and xenon headlights, and polycarbonate clear plastic lenses.


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Casti SONY PDF Imprimare Email
Joi, 07 Decembrie 2023 10:29

                        S5-3rd article banner

Bucurați-vă de confort fără zgomot întreaga zi


Cu tehnologia de anulare a zgomotului, un design ușor și autonomie ridicată a bateriei, vă puteți bucura de muzică pentru mai mult timp și fără întreruperi din fundal.

                                                     Lăsați lumea afară

Tehnologia cu senzor dublu pentru zgomot și procesorul integrat V1 duc funcția de reducere a zgomotului la nivelul următor. Acum puteți lăsa lumea afară și vă puteți cufunda în muzică.

                            Tehnologie îmbunătățită, apeluri mai bune

Tehnologia de preluare precisă a vocii, un microfon cu formare a fasciculului și structura de reducere a zgomotului vântului vă vor oferi conversații clare și naturale în timpul apelurilor.
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OMS cere țărilor să majoreze taxele pe alcool și băuturile îndulcite cu zahăr PDF Imprimare Email
Marţi, 05 Decembrie 2023 20:15


    The World Health Organization (WHO) is releasing today new data that show a low global rate of taxes being applied to unhealthy products such as alcohol and sugary sweetened beverages (SSBs). The findings highlight that the majority of countries are not using taxes to incentivize healthier behaviours. To help support countries WHO is also releasing a technical manual on alcohol tax policy and administration.

    Globally 2.6 million people die from drinking alcohol every year and over 8 million from an unhealthy diet, implementing tax on alcohol and SSBs will reduce these deaths.

    Half of all countries taxing SSBs are also taxing water, which is not recommended by WHO. Although 108 countries are taxing some sort of sugar-sweetened beverage, globally, on average excise tax, a tax designated for a specified consumer product, represents just 6.6% of the price of soda.


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O substanță chimică sugerează că viața extraterestră este obișnuită PDF Imprimare Email
Marţi, 05 Decembrie 2023 14:39

                                 An artist's impression of the Milky Way galaxy, which a new study has found could be more habitable than previously thought

     Phosphorus – a key ingredient for life as we know it – was thought to be relatively rare in space. But now, astronomers have detected a surprising amount of the stuff on the fringes of the galaxy, suggesting life may be more common in the cosmos.
     Life on Earth requires six critical elements: nitrogen, carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, phosphorus and sulfur (NCHOPS). Most of those are relatively easy to come by, as they’re blown into space as common      low-mass stars reach the end of their lives. Phosphorus, meanwhile, is much rarer, and as such is generally considered the limiting factor for life in the universe.
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