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COSR si MTS au anuntat oficial depunerea candidaturii Romaniei pentru organizarea JOT 2024 PDF Imprimare Email
Vineri, 05 Aprilie 2019 18:10



   Mihai Covaliu, presedintele Comitetului Olimpic si Sportiv Roman, si Bogdan Matei, ministrul Tineretului si Sportului, au anuntat oficial intentia Romaniei de a organiza editia de iarna a Jocurilor Olimpice de Tineret din 2024, in cadrul unei conferinte de presa comune, care a avut loc la Casa Olimpica.

  “Romania a intrat deja in cursa pentru organizarea editiei de iarna a Jocurilor Olimpice de Tineret, din 2024, odata cu transmiterea catre Comitetul International Olimpic a scrisorii oficiale de intentie din partea Comitetului Olimpic si Sportiv Roman, precum si a scrisorilor de suport semnate de primul ministru al Romaniei, ministrul Tineretului si Sportului si de autoritatile locale prin care isi asuma si sustin candidatura Romaniei la organizarea competitiei din 2024 in conditiile Chartei Olimpice”, a anuntat presedintele COSR.



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Prima misiune lunară privată intră pe orbită în jurul Lunii PDF Imprimare Email
Vineri, 05 Aprilie 2019 12:06

              Render of the Beresheet lander on the Moon's surface

       Render of the Beresheet lander on the Moon's surface(Credit: SpaceIL)

   A historic mission to the Moon is approaching its crescendo, with the Israeli-built Beresheet lander today entering orbit around our biggest satellite and preparing to close in on its surface. If successful, it will become the first privately built spacecraft to touch down on the Moon, and would make Israel just the fourth nation to do so after the US, the Soviet Union and China.

    Beresheet, which is Hebrew for "In the Beginning," launched from Cape Canaveral in February atop a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket, where it became the first private mission to the Moon to reach lift-off. Originally built for the Google Lunar XPrize competition (which ended with no winner), the spacecraft is actually the lightest ever sent to the Moon with a mass of just 1,322 lb (600 kg).


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"Molecular surgery" reshapes cartilage while sparing the scalpel PDF Imprimare Email
Joi, 04 Aprilie 2019 12:12

           While the technology could be utilized for cosmetic procedures such as rhinoplasty (pictured above), it may...

While the technology could be utilized for cosmetic procedures such as rhinoplasty (pictured above), it may also find use on tendons or corneas(Credit: VGeorgiev/Depositphotos)

    Currently, in order to reshape cartilage such as that within the nose, incisions and subsequent sutures are typically required. Not only is the procedure invasive, but it can also result in scarring. Now, however, scientists have demonstrated a new method of cartilage-reshaping that requires no cutting.

   First of all, there already is a procedure in which an infrared laser is used to heat up cartilage, making it malleable enough to be molded into the desired shape. According to the University of California-Irvine's Dr. Brian Wong, however, the process is expensive, plus it's difficult the heat the cartilage sufficiently without killing it.


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Mongolia Subscribes to the IMF’s Special Data Dissemination Standard PDF Imprimare Email
Miercuri, 03 Aprilie 2019 08:52


   Mongolia subscribed today to the International Monetary Fund’s Special Data Dissemination Standard (SDDS), the first case where implementation of the enhanced General Data Dissemination System (e-GDDS) has facilitated advancement to the SDDS. Under the e-GDDS, Mongolia launched a National Summary Data Page—a one-stop online publication portal—laying the foundation for moving to the next tier of IMF data standards, the SDDS. In this process, Mongolia has benefitted from a project in the Improvement of Data Dissemination in the Asia and Pacific Region, financed by the Japanese government, which aims to assist countries to improve data dissemination under IMF’s data standards initiatives.


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Great white sharks are able to tolerate the negative effects of heavy metals PDF Imprimare Email
Marţi, 02 Aprilie 2019 18:18


The blood used in the study was drawn from 43 great white sharks that were captured...


  The blood of great white sharks found in the waters off the coast of South Africa has been found to contain quantities of heavy metals that would be dangerously toxic to other forms of marine life, according to a newly published study. The results suggest that the apex predators have an inbuilt ability to tolerate the negative effects of the heavy metals, and that the blood analysis could be used as an indicator for the health of the marine ecosystem in which they live.

   A great white shark is without doubt one of the most imposing denizens of the deep that you could ever hope to not encounter. Thanks largely to their portrayal on the big screen, they have essentially become the bogeymen of the ocean, and outwardly at least, they fit the bill. White sharks can grow up to 20 ft (6 m)long, and are famed for their large dead eyes, and rows upon rows of jagged teeth.


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Noi reguli de siguranţă pentru echiparea automobilelor PDF Imprimare Email
Marţi, 02 Aprilie 2019 15:05
  Conform,Uniunea Europeană introduce un nou regulament care impune standarde de siguranţă sporite pentru producătorii de vehicule cu motor, în încercarea de a reduce în mod semnificativ numărul deceselor şi al vătămărilor rezultate în urma accidentelor rutiere, informează Ministerul Economiei.
    Conform noilor norme, toate autovehiculele (inclusiv camioanele, autobuzele, furgonetele şi vehiculele utilitare sport) vor trebui să fie echipate cu următoarele elemente de siguranţă: sisteme de asistenţă inteligentă pentru controlul vitezei; facilitarea instalării sistemelor antidemaraj cu etilotest; sisteme de avertizare cu privire la somnolenţă şi la lipsa de atenţie a conducătorului auto; sisteme avansate de avertizare cu privire la starea de distragere a atenţiei conducătorului auto; semnale pentru oprirea de urgenţă; sisteme de alertă la mersul înapoi; dispozitive de înregistrare a datelor privind evenimentele rutiere (accidente); sisteme de monitorizare a presiunii în pneuri.
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