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Northrop Grumman va construi un obuz pentru Marina SUA PDF Imprimare Email
Joi, 12 Octombrie 2023 17:49


                              The new shell will be able to automatically track and steer toward moving targets



   As the age of the smart weapon continues, Northrop Grumman has been awarded a US Navy contract to develop a new self-guided 57-mm artillery shell for the Navy's Mk110 Naval Gun Mount medium-sized gun used on Littoral Combat Ships.

   If you watch old movies or newsreels of naval combat, they tend to resemble gunpowder-besmirched storms with shot and shell blasting all over the place like steel rain. Today, things have changed as the major navies rely much more on precision rather than sheer firepower. Instead of massive salvos of giant shells packed with high explosives fired in the hopes of one of them landing close enough to the target to cause some damage, the goal nowadays is to shoot one round filled with not much explosives designed to land just where it can do the most good – or the most harm, depending on your point of view.


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Elevi români trimit pe orbită al doilea satelit. PDF Imprimare Email
Miercuri, 11 Octombrie 2023 18:18



           "Cinci elevi de la Liceul Internațional de Informatică București trimit pe orbită al doilea satelit din seria Romanian Orbital Mission. ROM-3, a doua realizare a echipei RomSpace, se afla în procedurile finale. Testele mecanice și electrice au fost trecute cu succes în laboratoarele companiei Alba Orbital, din Glasgow, UK. Picosatelitul, botezat Space Starling, este gata de zbor și urmează să fie instalat pe rachetă în luna octombrie.

           „ROM-3 duce la bord întrebările noastre și, după ce va ajunge în spațiu, așteptăm să ne transmită răspunsurile. Cu fiecare satelit pe care-l trimitem pe orbită înțelegem mai bine tehnologia aerospațială și limitele pe care trebuie să le depășim”, spune Filip, liderul echipei."


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Zelenski, in Romania! PDF Imprimare Email
Marţi, 10 Octombrie 2023 08:15

Ar putea fi o imagine cu 1 persoană şi barbă

Volodimir Zelenski, presedintele Ucrainei, va face astazi o vizita oficiala in tara noastra, urmand sa fie primit de Klaus Iohannis, si Marcel Ciolacu.

Volodimir Zelenski va fi primit, la ora 13:00, la Palatul Cotroceni, de preşedintele Klaus Iohannis, cei doi urmând să aibă convorbiri tete-a-tete şi discuţii oficiale. Ulterior, cei doi şefi de stat vor face declaraţii de presă comune.

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Nokia opens 6G Lab in India PDF Imprimare Email
Luni, 09 Octombrie 2023 10:01
  •                         Nokia updates its logo because people are convinced it still makes phones |  NYSE:NOK
  • Nokia launches first-of-its-kind 6G Lab in India; research areas will include foundational 6G technologies like Network as a Sensor, Network Exposure and Automation.
  • The 6G Lab is milestone for Nokia in contributing to the ‘Bharat 6G Vision,’ which aims to position India as a key global contributor to the design, development and implementation of 6G technology; the project also highlights Nokia’s commitment to the Indian market.
  • Nokia’s lab will be a platform for future collaboration for industry and academic stakeholders on 6G and facilitate the testing of new solutions while establishing their potential for commercialization.
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Arte martiale
Karate WKF in afara JO 2028! PDF Imprimare Email
Sâmbătă, 07 Octombrie 2023 20:54

Ar putea fi o imagine cu 2 persoane şi text

Karate WKF, disciplina Olimpica la Jocurile Olimpice de la Tokyo, din anul 2021, si recunoscuta Olimpic de CIO, a primit astazi o veste greu de digerat, si anume ca nu va fi parte a programului Olimpic, LA2028! Debutul ca sport demonstrativ a fost in anul 1988 la Seoul, in Koreea de Sud.

Desi s-au facut multe incercari in acest sens, astazi s-a clarificat acest aspect.


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Atacul surpriză asupra Israelului slăbit pune în pericol geopolitica regională PDF Imprimare Email
Sâmbătă, 07 Octombrie 2023 18:59

Atacul surpriză asupra Israelului slăbit pune în pericol geopolitica regională

(Bloomberg) -- A surprise multifront attack on Israel by the Palestinian group Hamas will likely lead to a massive military retaliation on Gaza and possibly to a wider conflagration with repercussions beyond the Middle East.


The flare-up — involving infiltrations, capture of soldiers and civilians, and thousands of rockets — comes at a time of enormous diplomatic sensitivity and a moment of weakness for Israel that analysts have been warning its enemies might seek to exploit.

The country is in negotiations with the US and Saudi Arabia on a complex three-way deal in which Washington would offer security guarantees to Riyadh. The Saudis, for their part, would normalize relations with Israel. Israel has also been talking with Turkey and others about gas exports to Europe along with corridors for trade from Asia.

Internally, Israel has been embroiled in political turmoil that left it vulnerable. Last April, the nation found itself briefly engaged on three fronts simultaneously — Gaza, Lebanon and Syria — after rocket fire came from all three. Part of the trigger was that Israeli Jews entered the grounds of the al Aqsa mosque compound in Jerusalem. This past week, that too occurred.

“I can’t exclude a multi arena war that will cause a very very severe threat to the state of Israel,” Giora Eiland, a former national security adviser in Israel, said in a briefing with journalists. He added, though, that Israel prefers to fight one enemy at a time and would not be quick to open another front.

Israel Latest: PM Says Nation Is at War After Deadly Incursion

Israeli officials have been saying for months that Palestinian militant groups, guided and funded by Iran, were preparing for violence and that Israel was ready to strike back. That said, Saturday’s attack on the Sabbath and Jewish holiday caught the country distinctly by surprise, adding to a sense of injury that could feed its response.

Nation at War

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