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NASA announces new mission to explore Titan with flying rover PDF Imprimare
Luni, 01 Iulie 2019 14:28
            Artist's concept of the Dragonfly drone on Titan

Artist's concept of the Dragonfly drone on Titan(Credit: NASA)

    NASA has chosen its next planetary mission, which will send a flying rover called Dragonfly to Saturn's largest moon, Titan. The size of the Curiosity Mars rover, the unmanned, nuclear-powered explorer will not have wheels, but will fly through the Titanian atmosphere using eight rotors as it looks for organic molecules, including the building blocks for past or present life.

      Sending a robotic rotorcraft 842 million miles (1.4 billion km) from Earth and expecting it to whiz about on a moon with a methane atmosphere – where the -290° F (-179° C) temperature turns water into ice as hard as granite – may seem a trifle ambitious, but it does make engineering sense.

Unlike the Moon and Mars, where previous rovers were sent, Titan has 0.133 Earth gravity combined with an atmosphere that is four times as dense as our planet's. This means that flight on Titan is actually easier than on Earth – which is fortunate because the surface is a mixture of lakes, sea, and streams made of liquid hydrocarbons, and sand dunes made of organic "snow." That makes wheeled or tracked rovers impractical for the foreseeable future, but a rotorcraft that can hop from place to place is another matter.

     Since Dragonfly isn't scheduled to launch until 2026 and arrive at Titan in 2034, it's still in the design phase, but the basic blueprint is for a Curiosity-sized rover set on a pair of landing skids and equipped with eight one-meter (3.3-ft) rotors powered by batteries charged by a radio-thermal generator (RTG) nuclear power plant. It will be able to fly at 22 mph (36 km/h) at an altitude of up to 13,000 ft (4,000 m), in a series of flights that will be as long as five miles (eight km).


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Deficitul balanţei comerciale a crescut cu 34,7% PDF Imprimare
Marţi, 11 Iunie 2019 13:03

    Conform,Deficitul balanţei comerciale (FOB/CIF) în primele patru luni ale anului a fost de 5,038 miliarde euro, mai mare cu 1,298 miliarde euro (34,7%) decât cel înregistrat în perioada similară din 2018.


                             Imagini pentru bani poza

         Imaginea articolului Deficitul balanţei comerciale a crescut cu 34,7% în primele patru luni ale anului

    Deficitul balanţei comerciale a crescut cu 34,7% în primele patru luni ale anului

     În perioada menţionată, exporturile FOB au însumat 23,066 miliarde euro, iar importurile CIF au însumat 28,104 miliarde euro. Exporturile au crescut cu 3,8%, iar importurile cu 8,3%, comparativ cu 2018.

     În luna aprilie 2019, exporturile FOB au însumat 5,532 miliarde euro, iar importurile CIF au însumat 6,915 miliarde euro, rezultând un deficit de 1,382 miliarde euro. Faţă de luna aprilie 2018, exporturile din luna aprilie 2019 au crescut cu 5,7%, iar importurile au crescut cu 10,6%.



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Mirela Călugăreanu promite eficientizarea ANAF PDF Imprimare
Miercuri, 05 Iunie 2019 12:42


   Conform,Un plan de eficientizarea şi de transparentizare a activităţii ANAF va fi pus în dezbatere publică de săptămâna viitoare, urmat de consultări cu reprezentanţii mediului de afaceri, ai organizaţiilor profesionale din domeniu, dar şi cu reprezentanţii ai mediului academic .


             Imagini pentru mirela calugareanu 2019
Imaginea articolului Mirela Călugăreanu promite eficientizarea ANAF şi reducerea numărului de formulare


      Mirela Călugăreanu promite eficientizarea ANAF şi reducerea numărului de formulare .

     Noul preşedinte al ANAF Mirela Călugăreanu a anunţat luni că a elaborat, împreună cu Ministerul Finenţelor, un plan de măsuri care vizează o eficientă şi corectă colectare a veniturilor bugetului general consolidat, dar şi transformarea agenţiei într-o instituţie transparentă şi eficientă.

     „Obiectivele pe care le avem în vedere sunt în principal următoarele: asigurarea unor servicii de calitate în relaţia cu contribuabilii, simplificarea mecanismelor de administrare fiscală care să susţină atât conformarea la declararea obligaţiilor fiscale, cât şi conformarea la plata obligaţiilor fiscale. De asemenea un rol important o să îl acordăm prevenirii şi combaterii evaziunii fiscale şi încercăm prin înfiinţarea unor structuri noi în cadrul ANAF asigurarea unui tratament diferenţiat acordat contribuabililor din România în funcţie de comportamentul lor fiscal”, a spus Călugăreanu.


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Tehnologia roșie oferă o purificare mai bună și mai ieftină a apei PDF Imprimare
Marţi, 04 Iunie 2019 10:50
                           A bouquet of the rose-inspired (or actually tulip-inspired) solar steamers

A bouquet of the rose-inspired (or actually tulip-inspired) solar steamers(Credit: Cockrell School of Engineering, The University of Texas at Austin)

      "Solar steaming" is an eco-friendly form of water purification in which sunlight is used to heat tainted water, turning it to steam which condenses back into liquid. That clean liquid is then collected as drinking water. A new system offers improved performance, and it copies the structure of the rose flower.

  Led by Assoc. Prof. Donglei (Emma) Fan, a team from The University of Texas at Austin started with round pieces of paper that were coated with a black polymer known as polypyrrole – it's particularly good at converting solar light into heat. Those papers were initially just placed flat on the ground in the sunlight, where they showed promise for solar steaming, although they weren't efficient enough for practical use.

    Inspired by a book she had read called The Black Tulip, Fan proceeded to try placing multiple papers together in a rose petal-like arrangement, contained within a glass jar. Tainted water was then drawn up into them through a stem-like tube that extended down into a vessel below.

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Gallery: Jeep campers, floaty amphibians and other world-exploration rigs of Overland Expo 2019 PDF Imprimare
Luni, 03 Iunie 2019 17:04
                               Those giant 63-in Sherp tires propel the beast through water, as well as over land

Those giant 63-in Sherp tires propel the beast through water, as well as over land(Credit: / New Atlas)

     Overland Expo celebrated its 10th anniversary this year, and the 2019 show proved more than ever that "overlanding" has exploded from barely-recognized travel alternative to aspirational lifestyle. The largest Overland Expo ever welcomed more than 22,000 attendees and 1,500 registered vehicles (and plenty of cool non-registered vehicles, too). We've seen the camper vans of the show, and here we take a tour of everything from neatly packaged utility vehicle campers, to big expedition trucks, to that amphibious Russian rover staring at you just above.                                                  Some security inside the EarthRoamer XV-LTS

  •                                                      The EarthRoamer XV-LTS just as good as the last time we toured it and now includes...
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