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Elicopterul MH-139A Grey Wolf pentru a păzi silozurile de rachete nucleare din SUA PDF Imprimare
Luni, 13 Martie 2023 09:50


                        The Grey Wolf is replacing the Bell Huey helicopter

    The US Air Force has awarded Boeing a US$285-million contract to build the first 13 MH-139A Grey Wolf helicopters to replace the venerable Bell UH-1N Huey multi-role helicopter fleet that guards America's land-based nuclear ballistic missiles.

Entering service in 1970, the UH-1N Huey was originally designed as a multi-role medium military helicopter. Over the decades, it's fulfilled many missions and seen service with nations all over the world.

Today, its chief job is search and rescue, in addition to carrying out security patrols and providing transport for the US arsenal of land-based ICBMs and the bases that support the missile-laden silos.

With the new contract, the Huey fleet will be replaced by the MH-139A Grey Wolf, which is being built by Boeing as the primary contractor and Leonardo as an original equipment manufacturer that will also provide the manufacturing facilities in northeast Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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Medicamentul pentru astm activează grăsimea sănătoasă, nu este nevoie de bătăi la rece PDF Imprimare
Duminică, 26 Februarie 2023 12:48
                            Unhealthy white fat cells like these are gobbled up by brown fat cells, offering scientists a research target for treating diabetes, obesity and heart disease

   Take a look at the health influencers clicking up followers on social media these days and you'll start to notice a trend involving some variation of taking cold showers, soaking in special tubs that make the water ice-cold, or diving into freezing bodies of water. While these self-styled health gurus tout the ability of cold-water bathing to do everything from reducing anxiety to helping with depression, actual scientists have discovered something it can do: convert unhealthy white fat cells into healthy brown fat. Now, researchers have figured out how to activate this process chemically with no need to brave frigid water. The discovery could lead to better treatments for diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.


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Nokia launches analytics software to simplify and strengthen data collection and insights for CSPs # PDF Imprimare
Luni, 20 Februarie 2023 14:39

                                 Nokia | Brands of the World™ | Download vector logos and logotypes

 Nokia today announced the launch of AVA Customer and Mobile Network Insights, a cloud-native analytics software solution that simplifies the collection and analysis of 5G network data to provide communication service providers (CSPs) with stronger and more cost effective analytical capabilities.  

The solution delivers “intelligence everywhere” through AI and machine learning tools that support intelligent and automated decision making based on correlated reports generated from data across 5G networks.  


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15 țări care produc cea mai bună miere de calitate din lume PDF Imprimare
Luni, 13 Februarie 2023 11:24
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Italy's Berlusconi says he wouldn't seek meeting with Zelenskiy if PM PDF Imprimare
Luni, 13 Februarie 2023 10:39


ROME (Reuters) -

" Former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi would not seek a meeting with Volodymir Zelenskiy if he were still head of government, because he blames the Ukrainian President for the war with Russia, he said on Sunday.

Berlusconi, 86, often boasted of his friendship with Russian President Vladimir Putin until Russia's invasion of Ukraine and created a storm last September when he said Putin had been pushed into the war and wanted to put "decent people" in charge of Kyiv.

Berlusconi, leader of the conservative Forza Italia party that is part of the country's ruling coalition, was speaking after Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni on Friday accused France of jeopardising EU unity on Ukraine by organising a Franco-German dinner in Paris with Zelenskiy that excluded other European allies.

"I would never have gone talking to Zelenskiy because we are witnessing the devastation of his country and the slaughter

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