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Analiza preliminara a inmatricularilor de autovehicule in luna Octombrie 2021 PDF Imprimare
Marţi, 02 Noiembrie 2021 11:04


                             În primele trei luni din 2021, la fiecare mașină nouă cumpărată s-au vândut  cinci second hand | Digi24

    Conform datelor comunicate de catre DRPCIV (Directia Regim Per mise de Conducere si Inmatriculare a  Vehicule/or). in luna octombrie 2021 au fost inmatriculate in Romania 11.363 autovehicule noi  (autoturisme si vehicule comerciale, autocare si speciale), cu 19,3% mai putine decat in luna similara a lui   2020.

    Dintre acestea, 9.608 au fost   autoturisme noi, a caror scadere fata   de luna octombrie 2020 (cand au fost  inmatriculate 12.523 unitat/). este de  23,3%.

     Top-ul 5 pe marci in octombrie:

      Dacia 2.704 unitati,

      Hyundai 965   unitati,

      Toyota   809 unitati,

      Renault   694 unitati si

      Volkswagen 687 unitati.







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total 2020 (%)

total 2021 (%)



















       Top-ul 5 pe marci in octombrie:

        Dacia 2.704 unitati,

        Hyundai 965  unitati,

        Toyota 809 unitati,

        Renault   694 unitati si

        Volkswagen 687 unitati

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Rețeaua de service-uri de anvelope VIANOR sărbătorește 20 de ani PDF Imprimare
Joi, 28 Octombrie 2021 17:22

                                       Vianor Airport - Vantaa, Uusimaa

     Brandul VIANOR a fost înființat în anul 2001, în Finlanda, iar de atunci s-a dezvoltat rapid în Europa, inclusiv în România. Sub acest brand operează o rețea extinsă de service-uri pentru roți și reparații auto.

     Șoferii finlandezi au fost primii care au apreciat acum 20 de ani serviciile de înaltă calitate oferite de VIANOR. Această brand comercial este deținut de producătorul de anvelope Nokian Tyres plc., cu o istorie de succes de peste 100 de ani. Compania a inventat prima anvelopă de iarnă din lume, Nokian Hakkapeliitta și a dezvoltat tehnologii inovatoare, cum ar fi Nokian Aramid Sidewall, indicatorul de uzură a benzii de rulare DSI și multe altele.


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Cel mai bun mod de a vă pregăti vehiculul pentru o buna functionare pe timp de iarnă PDF Imprimare
Miercuri, 27 Octombrie 2021 10:33

      Cel mai bun mod de a vă pregăti vehiculul pentru depozitarea pe timp de iarnă


   The Injection Cleaner for petrol engines removes dirt and deposits from the fuel, injection and combustion system. Simply pour this additive into the fuel tank. The active agents loosen any deposits on the injection nozzles. This means the gasoline is once again finely atomized, combusts more cleanly and less residue is created.

   Of course, such a product is also available for diesel, namely as the  Super Diesel Additive. The mtx Carburetor and Valve Cleaner is suitable for older vehicles with carburetors. It removes deposits in the carburettor, on valves and spark plugs and in the combustion chamber, as well as preventing new depo

sits from forming and the carburettor from icing over.


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Ulei nou pentru modelele Ford: LIQUI MOLY Top Tec 6610 PDF Imprimare
Duminică, 17 Octombrie 2021 07:02



    With Top Tec 6610, LIQUI MOLY is launching a new motor oil on the market that meets the latest Ford requirements (WSS M2C 952-A1), among others. “This is a top-of-the-line oil that reduces fuel consumption and at the same time offers the engine comprehensive protection,” says Oliver Kuhn, deputy head of the LIQUI MOLY oil laboratory. 

    This Ford oil specification is prim   arily required for the 1.5 liter Duratorq TDCI engine. The oil is also officially approved by Mercedes (MB 229.71), Jaguar and Land Rover (STJLR.03.5006) and Opel (OV0401547) and is recommended for General Motors (GM dexos D). In addition, it complies with ACEA C5 and API SP. It is suitable for both gasoline and diesel engines. 


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Anniversary title for LIQUI MOLY PDF Imprimare
Luni, 11 Octombrie 2021 18:58

   The lubricant manufacturer is the “Best Professional Workshop Brand”

                                 for the fifth time in a row

You can say “four is good enough” – or simply win again. LIQUI MOLY did exactly that and also took first place in the “oils and lubricants” category in the fifth edition of the readers’ poll of the magazine “Profi Werkstatt”. “We are delighted that the commercial vehicle experts have remained loyal to us,” says Christian Schwer, National Sales Manager.

For the National Sales Manager, five first places in a row are also an expression of consistency. “Reliability and sustainability are essential for us. We are always there for our customers – even in difficult times,” says Christian Schwer. The sales specialist counts the past year, which was marked by the Covid-19 pandemic, among these. “Unlike many of our competitors, we put our backs into it even more. That made all the difference.” Despite meticulous implementation of hygiene measures, protection concepts and working from home, the Ulm-based company was consistently accessible to customers.


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