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Pentru prima dată, AI domină ce este mai bun al umanității într-un sport din lumea reală PDF Imprimare
Luni, 04 Septembrie 2023 15:55

                       Now they're beating us in real-world sports: an AI has dominated world-champion drone racers head-to-head

    High-speed drone racing has just had a shocking "Deep Blue" moment, as an autonomous AI designed by University of Zurich researchers repeatedly forced three world champion-level pilots to eat its dust, showing uncanny precision in dynamic flight.




If you've ever watched a high-level drone race from the FPV perspective, you'll know how much skill, speed, precision and dynamic control it takes. Like watching Formula One from the driver's perspective, or on-board footage from the Isle of Man TT, it's hard to imagine how a human brain can make calculations that quickly and respond to changing situations in real time. It's incredibly impressive.

When Deep Blue stamped silicon's dominance on the world of chess, and AlphaGo established AI's dominance in the game of Go, these were strategic situations, in which a computer's ability to analyze millions of past games and millions of potential moves and strategies gave them the edge.

But now, for the first time, AI has beaten some of the world's best in a real-world, physical sport. An AI system called Swift, developed by researchers from the University of Zurich and Intel, quickly learned a tight, technical 3D racetrack, and proceeded to dominate two human world champions and a three-time Swiss national champion in head-to-head racing, also setting the fastest race time.






*-  Source: University of Zurich


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