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Cojile reziduale de aloe vera pot fi o sursă de insecticid ecologic PDF Imprimare Email
Marţi, 22 August 2023 16:37

                                Some of the dried aloe vera peels utilized in the study

     Although the gel of the aloe vera plant is commonly used to treat sunburn, moisturize skin and boost gut health (among other applications), its peels are typically discarded. New research now suggests that those peels could also be used, to make non-toxic insecticide for use by farmers.

     The study is being led by Asst. Prof. Debasish Bandyopadhyay, of the University of Texas - Rio Grande Valley.

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Racheta anti-ICBM a lui Lockheed Martin depășește o etapă majoră de dezvoltare PDF Imprimare Email
Duminică, 20 August 2023 16:51

                       Artist's concept of the Lockheed Martin NGI missile

   America's Next Generation Interceptor (NGI) for countering rogue state ICBM attacks has passed a major milestone. Lockheed Martin has announced that the US Missile Defense Agency (MDA) has passed all design elements of the company's NGI missile project.

   Despite the dramatic reduction of the world's nuclear arsenals and launch platforms after the end of the Cold War, there are still an worryingly large number of warheads still poised for launch across the world. With hundreds of missiles aimed at the United States at any moment, the new 21 planned NGIs as part of the nation's Ground Missile Defense (GMD) system seems comically small compared to the threat.

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Se modifica Codul penal PDF Imprimare Email
Vineri, 18 August 2023 16:46
                              Justitia logo vector free download -

1. PROIECT DE LEGE pentru modificarea art. 369 din Legea nr. 286/2009 privind Codul penal
    Proiectul de lege modifică art. 369 din Legea nr. 286/2009 privind Codul penal pentru punerea legislației naționale în acord cu prevederile art. 1 alin. (1) lit. a) din Decizia-cadru 2008/913/JAI a Consiliului privind combaterea anumitor forme și expresii ale rasismului și xenofobiei prin intermediul dreptului penal, ca urmare a transmiterii de către Comisia Europeană, la data de 19.04.2023, a scrisorii suplimentare de punere în întârziere. Prin acest document se comunică faptul că, după examinarea măsurilor de transpunere, se consideră că România nu și-a îndeplinit obligațiile care îi revin în temeiul art. 1 alin. (1) lit. a) din decizia-cadru.
    În acest sens, proiectul propune completarea art. 369 din Codul penal în conformitate cu cele solicitate de Comisie, astfel încât infracțiunea de incitare la violență, ură sau discriminare să poată fi reținută dacă făptuitorul a săvârșit elementul material indiferent dacă acesta a considerat ori nu drept cauze ale inferiorității unei persoane în raport cu celelalte pe baza criteriilor de rasă, naționalitate, etnie, limbă, religie, gen, orientare sexuală, opinie ori apartenență politică, avere, origine socială, vârstă, dizabilitate, boală cronică necontagioasă sau infecție HIV/SIDA.
     Proiectul de lege a fost adoptat de Guvern și va fi transmis spre dezbatere și aprobare Parlamentului.




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Nokia extinde programul network-in-a-box PDF Imprimare Email
Vineri, 18 August 2023 16:32

     Nokia extinde programul network-in-a-box pentru a accelera și simplifica construirea rețelelor de bandă largă și proiectele BEAD

                       Nokia launches new logo to reflect change in direction
  • Nokia expands network-in-a-box program to include new products and services needed to build, scale or cap and grow broadband networks.
  • Enhanced network-in-a-box program includes recently announced fiber-optic broadband network electronics products and optical modules manufactured in the U.S. for use in the Broadband Equity, Access and Deployment (BEAD) program.
  • **Pre-packaged solutions are configurable to each operators network build and are available directly through Nokia or its channel partners.

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Nasul știe: 8 boli pe care câinii se pricep să le adulmece PDF Imprimare Email
Joi, 17 August 2023 16:55

                      Dogs are particularly good at detecting disease with their keen sense of smell

     It’s been estimated that dogs smell up to 10,000 times better than us. That’s in part because they have about 220 million scent receptors, whereas humans have a mere 5 million. But dogs also inhale in short breaths up to 300 times a minute, meaning that their olfactory cells are constantly picking up new scents. It’s these factors that make them effective – and adorable – real-time disease detectors.
     When we’re sick, we produce compounds that waft around us. In infectious or disease states, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are emitted in breath, blood, sweat and urine, creating a volatilome or ‘aura’ of molecules around the human body. These VOCs often result in changes in body odor, which, studies have found, are detectable by dogs. But what conditions are dogs able to detect?

    Here are eight diseases that our furry friends are particularly good at sniffing out.


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Addmotor lansează tricicletă pliabilă de 90 de mile cu asistare la pedală PDF Imprimare Email
Marţi, 15 August 2023 18:37
                    Addmotor lansează tricicletă pliabilă de 90 de mile cu asistare la                                             pedală pentru mai puțin de 2.000 USD
                                                         The CityTri E-310 is billed as "the highest spec'd, most powerful electric trike under $2,000 in the world"

    Though cargo ebikes are shaping up as an eco-friendly alternative to the family car for short shopping trips, riders looking for more stability will doubtless appreciate a third wheel. California's Addmotor has just launched a 90-mile e-trike for under $2,000.

    Where the 2023 M-340 e-trike employed a front hub motor, the CityTri E-310 rocs a proprietary 750-W motor mounted between the rear wheels that peaks at 1,400 watts, produces 90 Nm (66 lb.ft) of torque, and includes a differential for cornering stability.

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