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Furios? Vasele tale de sânge plătesc prețul, demonstrează un nou studiu PDF Imprimare Email
Vineri, 03 Mai 2024 16:57

                            Anger is never a great look, especially inside your blood vessels

     Even brief periods of anger caused by triggering memories can negatively impact our blood vessels' ability to relax. That's the finding of a new study that could have implications on how we look at heart attack and stroke risk.
    While there have been observational studies in the past linking negative emotions like anger to an increased risk of heart attacks, scientists working with the American Heart Association wanted to see if they could more precisely pin down how an experience of anger actually affects our blood vessels and the cells lining them.

So they recruited 280 healthy adults with an average of 26 years to participate in a study in which they were asked to sit quietly and relax for 30 minutes before moving to the next step. Then, researchers took their blood pressure, heart rate, measured their dilation of their blood vessels using finger probes, and took blood samples. Next, the participants were assigned an emotional task based on their place in one of four randomly assigned groups.


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CFR Cluj vs FC Rapid PDF Imprimare Email
Vineri, 03 Mai 2024 16:52


      SuperLiga, Play-Off #8

      5 mai 2024 @ 21:30

      Dr. C. Radulescu, Cluj-Napoca



Clasament Etapa 8

Loc Echipa M V E I Gol +/- Pct
1. SC Fotbal Club FCSB SA 7 5 2 0 12-6 6 49
2. Universitatea Craiova 7 4 0 3 10-9 1 37
3. FC CFR 1907 Cluj SA 7 3 1 3 10-11 -1 37
4. Farul Constanţa 7 4 1 2 14-8 6 35
5. Fotbal Club Rapid 1923 SA 7 0 1 6 7-16 -9 29
6. ACS Sepsi OSK Sfântu Gheorghe 7 1 3 3 8-11 -3 28




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BWT Alpine F1 Team PDF Imprimare Email
Joi, 02 Mai 2024 18:00

               Newsroom Alpine

    BWT Alpine F1 Team has today announced the appointment of David Sanchez as Executive Technical Director, marking a return to Enstone for the French engineer.

In the newly created role, David will oversee the technical department based at Enstone and will have overall responsibility of the Performance, Engineering, and Aerodynamic areas of the team.  

   David will manage the three key areas that fall under the recently announced three-pillared technical structure, with Ciaron Pilbeam (Technical Director - Performance), Joe Burnell (Technical Director - Engineering), and David Wheater (Technical Director - Aerodynamics) all reporting to him.

    The Frenchman will join the team today and will report directly to Team Principal and VP, Alpine Motorsports, Bruno Famin.

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T. Rex nu a fost atât de inteligent pe cât ni s-a făcut să credem PDF Imprimare Email
Miercuri, 01 Mai 2024 20:56

                                     We still wouldn't call a T. rex not that clever to their face

     While we don't like to talk ill of the dead, new physiological analysis has found that the king of the dinosaurs was not so smart after all. It upends previous research that last year likened the brain and neuronal composition of the Tyrannosaurus rex to that of a primate.
    It's been a rough year or two for the long extinct dinosaur. First, we questioned their teeth, finding that those iconic chompers could very much have been smaller and hidden behind lips, and now an international team of paleontologists, behavioral scientists and neurologists have concluded that the T. rex wasn't smarter than your average lizard or crocodile. Why all the hate, science?
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Pachetul ”Bun Venit”- cont bancar 100% online PDF Imprimare Email
Luni, 29 Aprilie 2024 23:08
                             CEC Bank Logo PNG vector in SVG, PDF, AI, CDR format
   În doar 10 minute ai contul bancar online deschis, iar cardul de debit îl vei primi la adresa indicată, în cel mai scurt timp. Îți oferim și aplicația de Mobile Banking, care are acum cele mai avansate funcționalități disponibile în prezent pe piața din România. Poți adăuga conturile de la alte bănci și instituții financiare, vezi soldurile, istoricul tranzacțiilor și poți iniția plăți.

Ai ZERO comision lunar de administrare la contul bancar dacă ai încasări lunare reprezentînd venituri mai mari sau egale cu salariul minim net pe economie

Ai ZERO comision la retragerile cu cardul de debit de la orice bancomat din România (CEC Bank sau alte bănci) și la orice ATM din Uniunea Europeană*


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Noua rulotă Volkswagen California va pune capăt erei de viață a camionetei VW PDF Imprimare Email
Sâmbătă, 27 Aprilie 2024 18:39

                            The 2023 California Concept provides a preview of what the upcoming Multivan-based California camper van will look like

     The Volkswagen California 6.1 was never the best-looking California in history, dragged down by its oversized double-stacked grille, but it did usher in its fair share of new innovations to the iconic nameplate.
    Now, Volkswagen is preparing it for retirement, starting production on a 1,500-model "Last Edition" that will see the 6.1 era out and welcome in the innovative new California T7, set to debut in just a few weeks.
     Volkswagen introduced the T6.1 Transporter van in 2019. The California 6.1 camper van and reimagined California Beach 6.1 sleeper van followed just months later, as did the inevitable market surge of aftermarket T6.1-based camper vans
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