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Metrou la Cluj PDF Imprimare Email
Vineri, 02 Noiembrie 2018 13:17



    Primarul Clujului, Emil Boc, a anunțat ca administrația locală va lansa licitația pentru studiul de prefezabilitate pentru construirea unui metrou.

    Anunțul a fost făcut joi, 1 noiembrie, la ședința de Consiliu Local. Licitația ar urma să fie lansată în 10 zile.

Linia de metrou ar urma să lege Clujul de Florești și de Apahida și ar urma să decongestioneze traficul din oraș și din zona metropolitană.


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Campionatul National de Super Rally PDF Imprimare Email
Vineri, 02 Noiembrie 2018 11:59

    Etapa a III-a a Campionatului National de Super Rally va avea loc in data de 17 noiembrie la Bucuresti.

   Detalii despre eveniment, harta traseului si alte informatii utile vor fi publicate pe masura ce se confirma, atat pe pagina evenimentului cat si pe pagina Campionatului National De Super Rally.


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Firmele de pompe funebre anunţă afaceri record, în creştere de 150% faţă de 2013 PDF Imprimare Email
Joi, 01 Noiembrie 2018 09:54
              Imagini pentru sicriu  poza
     Conform,Firmele de pompe funebre vor realiza în 2018 o cifră de afaceri de 1,3 miliarde de lei, în creştere cu 150% faţă de 2013, potrivit unei analize realizată de firma de consultanţă Frames.

În sectorul firmelor funebre activează, în prezent, 806 companii, cu aproape 100 mai multe faţă de acum 5 ani. Analiştii companiei spun că afacerile de acest tip s-au maturizat, iar cifra de afaceri a avansat de la 423 milioane de lei în 2013 la 1,1 miliarde de lei în 2017, pentru 2018, fiind estimate afaceri de 1,3 miliarde de lei.

Potrivit datelor, cele mai multe firme de pompe funebre activează în Bucureşti-Ilfov, Iaşi, Cluj-Napoca, Timişoara, Constanţa şi Braşov.


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How dying stars could reignite with help from enigmatic class of black hole PDF Imprimare Email
Joi, 01 Noiembrie 2018 21:09
Simulations suggest that white dwarf stars could be reignited by a close encounter with an intermediate-mass...

Simulations suggest that white dwarf stars could be reignited by a close encounter with an intermediate-mass black hole(Credit: NASA/CXC/M.Weiss)

     A white dwarf is one of the last stages of life for stars of a certain size, and it's all downhill from there – with no new source of energy, the object will gradually fade away into obscurity. But supercomputer simulations run by astronomers at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) suggest that these dying stars could be reignited by a close encounter with an enigmatic class of black hole.

     While the largest stars die dramatic deaths, exploding as a supernova and collapsing into a black hole, lower mass stars are a bit more discreet. They throw off their outer layers as a less explosive planetary nebula, leaving behind a white dwarf core. Too small and cool to continue producing fusion reactions, white dwarfs can shine for trillions of years before eventually fading away into a hypothetical black dwarf – a fate that our own Sun faces, in about a quadrillion years.


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Cellular kill code discovery may help extinguish cancers PDF Imprimare Email
Miercuri, 31 Octombrie 2018 13:33


An ancient mechanism can hopefully be appropriated in the future to develop a new way of...

An ancient mechanism can hopefully be appropriated in the future to develop a new way of killing cancerous cells(Credit: lightsource/Depositphotos)

Exciting new research from Northwestern Medicine has discovered that inside every cell within the human body is a toxic kill code designed to trigger self-destruction if it senses a cell is turning cancerous. Across two newly published studies the scientists remarkably homed in on the exact nucleotide code underlying this mechanism and believe it may lead to an entirely novel kind of cancer treatment.

The research originally started with Marcus Peter and his team at Northwestern wondering what natural mechanisms could have developed to protect multicellular organisms from cancer before the adaptive immune system evolved. Last year, the breakthrough research first revealed a powerful ancient kill switch in the human genome that can trigger small RNA molecules (called siRNAs). These tiny assassin molecules, which are also triggered by chemotherapy, are incredibly effective at targeting and destroying cancer cells, yet the exact mechanism by which they killed the cancer cells was unclear.


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