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BAE Systems prezintă o dronă misterioasă la spectacolul de apărare PDF Imprimare
Joi, 08 Februarie 2024 19:29

                           BAE System's mystery drone

          In a teaser of things to come, BAE Systems has displayed a model of its future drone at the World Defense Show in Riyadh. Steeped in more mystery than a Raymond Chandler novel, it gives us a hint of what future military drones might look like.
         International defense shows can often be more like bird watching events than showcases for the latest military hardware. Defense contractors don't just like to show off their wares for sale, they also like to give a glimpse of what might be on the way. Oftentimes, these will be in the form of models or concept images on display without any explanation of what they are.

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World's first jet suit race is slated for February 28 PDF Imprimare
Duminică, 04 Februarie 2024 19:39

                               Gravity has announced that the world's first jet suit race is slated for February 28, in Dubai

    Gentlemen, start your turbines – it's time to see how these spectacular next-gen personal flight devices look and perform in the fire of competition. Gravity Industries has announced the world's first jet suit race is happening in less than a month.
    They say the first motorcycle race happened the day the second motorcycle was built. It's taken a little longer for jet suits – we first covered Gravity founder Richard Browning's early forays into Iron-Man-style jet suits nearly seven years ago.

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Filtrul simplu de celuloză purifică bine apa injectată cu seringa PDF Imprimare
Joi, 25 Ianuarie 2024 19:02

                           The prototype filter – dirty water in, clean water out

     While we've seen quite a few filtration systems for making polluted water drinkable, many are quite complex, or utilize costly materials. By contrast, an experimental new setup simply requires users to inject dirty water through a layer of cellulose.
    Developed by scientists from The University of Texas at Austin, the prototype device consists of a roughly hockey-puck-shaped housing, inside of which is a hydrogel film supported by a membrane full of microscopic pores.
The hydrogel is in turn made up of "an intertwined web" of cellulose nanofibers. Cellulose is the most common organic compound on Earth – it can be easily and inexpensively obtained from a wide variety of readily available natural sources, such as plants.

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Structura cosmică colosală ar trebui să fie prea mare pentru a exista, spun astronomii PDF Imprimare
Marţi, 16 Ianuarie 2024 18:59

                               An artist's impression of a galaxy filament, which are thought to be among the largest structures possible in the universe

    Astronomers have discovered a colossal cosmic structure that’s so big it threatens to undermine our entire understanding of the universe. The Big Ring spans about 3% of the radius of the entire observable universe – and it itself might be part of an ever bigger structure.
   The Big Ring – a name that’s a hell of an understatement – is an almost perfectly circular group of galaxies and galaxy clusters with a diameter of about 1.3 billion light-years, and a circumference of around 4 billion light-years. If it was visible with the naked eye, it would be the size of 15 full Moons in the night sky.

   It’s hard to overstate just how incredibly gigantic that is. Galaxy superclusters are usually the largest relatively common structure in the universe, measuring over a hundred million light-years wide. These can link up into filaments that stretch a few hundred million light-years long, forming part of the cosmic web.

    Not only is the Big Ring bigger than those, but it’s bigger than should be possible for any structure to ever get. According to the Cosmological Principle, a fundamental part of physical cosmology, the universe should look uniform in all directions, for any observer anywhere within it. Sure, there are random variations in the distribution of stars and galaxies, but on the largest scales it all blends together into a homogenous pattern like static. The Cosmological Principle sets an upper limit of 1.2 billion light-years on the size of any structures – a limit that the Big Ring blatantly disregards. To continue the analogy, it would be nigh on impossible for the static on your TV to arrange itself into a big image of the Mona Lisa.

   If it was a one-off find, it might be tempting to dismiss the Big Ring as an anomaly or a mistake. But it’s not the only “impossible” giant structure out there – and it’s not even the biggest. Two years ago the same astronomer, Alexia Lopez at the University of Central Lancashire, discovered a 3.3-billion-light-year-long crescent called the Giant Arc. In 2015 other scientists discovered the Giant GRB Ring, with a staggering diameter of 5.6 billion light-years. And then there’s the Hercules-Corona Borealis Great Wall, a galaxy filament that stretches an incomprehensible 10 billion light-years (although its status as a single structure is up for debate).


* -  

Source: University of Central Lancashire

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Ofițer al forțelor aeriene americane a fost încoronat ca Miss America 2024 PDF Imprimare
Luni, 15 Ianuarie 2024 09:52

                 Miss Colorado, Madison Marsh, is crowned as the 2024 Miss America. - From Miss America

   Madison Marsh, a 22-year-old second lieutenant in the US Air Force and master’s student at the Harvard Kennedy School’s public policy program, emerged victorious at the 2024 Miss America pageant in Orlando, Florida on Sunday night. Marsh, representing the state of Colorado, is the first active-duty Air Force officer ever to receive the national title.

    Ellie Breaux of Texas placed as first-runner-up.

    Fifty-one contestants participated in the event, representing all 50 US states, as well as the District of Columbia.

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