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Chinese lander becomes first spacecraft to touch down on far side of the Moon PDF Imprimare Email
Joi, 03 Ianuarie 2019 12:14

      The China National Space Administration made history today by successfully deploying its Chang'e-4 probe on the far side of the moon, a feat that has never been achieved before.

Landing on the far side of the Moon isn't as simple as the many unmanned lunar missions to go before Chang'e-4. Because this region of the Moon is obstructed from view for scientists on Earth, the complicated mission required a satellite to first be deployed beyond the Moon so it can relay the signals.

That satellite was successfully launched back in May, and has now been used to confirm the successful landing of Chang'e-4 in the Moon's South Pole-Aitken Basin, which measures around 2,500 km across and 13 km deep (1,550 and 8 mi).


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Jetpack Aviation prepares to launch the world's first jetpack race series PDF Imprimare Email
Joi, 27 Decembrie 2018 16:46

The proposed jetpack race series will be open to all turbine VTOL personal flight machines that can prove their safety(Credit: Jetpack Aviati

     The team at Jetpack Aviation (JPA) has just completed test flights in which two pilots flew close enough together to playfully boop each other on the nose. Next step: the world's first jetpack race series, starting in 2019, and yes, the jetboards and jet suits of the world are invited to participate!

  •                            Boop! Jetpack Aviation founder, CEO and chief test pilot David Mayman reaches out to poke his...
  • David mayman looks out at Boris Jarry as the pair circle each other over a lake
  •                                                     Jetpack Aviation has put out the call for the world's first jetpack race series

      They say the first motorcycle race happened the day the second motorcycle was built – and that's not hard to believe. With jetpacks, the key players have had to be a lot more methodical. One major incident with the JPA JB-series jetpacks, or Franky Zapata's Flyboard Air, and not only would the world probably lose the key figures driving this personal flight revolution, but legislators might swoop in and ruin the fun for everyone.

So for the most part, everyone in this space has been doing their best to play it safe, or at least look like they are. Jetpack Aviation's David Mayman has even gone so far as to get himself certified by the FAA as the world's only registered jetpack instructor, allowing JPA to run a series of jetpack experience training events for the general public, and setting up a system through which jetpack owners can undergo some legitimate training before they strap these roaring machines to their backs and head off into the clouds.


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IMF Staff Concludes Visit to Jamaica PDF Imprimare Email
Sâmbătă, 08 Decembrie 2018 18:49



    An International Monetary Fund (IMF) staff team led by Uma Ramakrishnan visited Kingston from December 3 to 7, 2018, to take stock of progress on Jamaica’s economic reform program supported by the IMF’s precautionary Stand-By Arrangement (SBA). At the end of the visit, Ms. Ramakrishnan issued the following statement:

    “Positive developments continue to sustain Jamaica’s economic reform program. The unemployment rate is at an all-time low of 8.4 percent, with significant gains among women and younger workers. Inflation is in the Bank of Jamaica’s (BOJ) target range of 4–6 percent. Gross international reserves were at US$3.4 billion at end-November. Growth for this fiscal year is expected to be 1½–2 percent. Looking ahead, lower global oil prices, if sustained, should support a narrower current account deficit and support domestic demand.



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IMF Executive Board Concludes 2018Article IV Consultation with the Federal Democratic Rep.of Etiopia PDF Imprimare Email
Marţi, 04 Decembrie 2018 19:07



    On November 30, 2018, the Executive Board of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) concluded the Article IV consultation [1] with the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia.

     In 2017/18, real gross domestic product (GDP) grew by 7.7 percent, driven by favorable harvests and rapid growth in air transport and manufacturing exports. However, political uncertainty, foreign exchange shortages, and adverse terms-of-trade trends hampered economic activity. The authorities succeeded in reducing the external current account deficit to 6.4 percent of GDP in 2017/18 through determined policies to restrict public sector imports and borrowing and a tight monetary policy stance. Prudent budget execution led to a lower-than-planned fiscal deficit, estimated at 3.7 percent of GDP. Tax revenue continued to disappoint and was offset by expenditure savings, while ring-fencing pro-poor programs. Inflation, at 12 percent in September 2018, has edged down but remains above the National Bank of Ethiopia (NBE)’s single-digit target reflecting lagged effects of public sector credit expansion in 2017, passthrough of the October 2017 devaluation, and political disruptions which affected distribution networks. The NBE reduced the growth of base money from 32 percent in July 2017 to 19 percent in June 2018 to rein in inflation. However, broad money and credit growth remained strong.


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OPEC a pierdut controlul PDF Imprimare Email
Marţi, 20 Noiembrie 2018 19:21

Cei trei oameni care decid preţul petrolului au interese divergente


      Conform,OPEC a pierdut controlul asupra preţului petrolului, în condiţiile în care acţiunile sau mesajele pe Twitter a trei oameni – preşedintele american Donald Trump, cel rus Vladimir Putin şi prinţul moştenitor saudit Mohammed Bin Salman – vor determina cursul preţului petrolului în 2019 şi după.

    Dar fiecare dintre ei are propriile dorinţe, comentează Bloomberg. În timp ce OPEC avea un scop comun, SUA, Rusia şi Arabia Saudită domină livrările globale. Împreună cele trei state produc mai mult petrol decât cei 15 membri ai OPEC, şi toate trei statele şi-au sporit livrările la niveluri record, care ar putea fi şi mai mari anul viitor.

Aceste creşteri ale producţiei, alături de previziunile optimiste leegate de cerere, precum şi decizia preşedintelui Trump de a excepta unele state de la sanţiunile impuse Iranului au schimbat sentimentele pieţei, de la temeri legate de o eventuală penurie la o abundenţă de stocuri de petrol, în doar trei luni.

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