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Luni, 05 Noiembrie 2018 18:06

The Wowstick Mini is a sleek little electric screwdriver that comes with up to 56 swappable...

The Wowstick Mini is a sleek little electric screwdriver that comes with up to 56 swappable heads, three bright LEDs,  a rechargeable, long-life battery and is designed to be put out on display(Credit: Standmac)

Electric screwdrivers are usually big, bulky things that you stash out of sight, but with the new Wowstick Mini, Standmac wants you to proudly display it on your desk. This sleek little tool looks like a (rather chunky) pen, and comes with up to 56 swappable heads, three bright LEDs, two power modes and a rechargeable, long-life battery.





  • The Wowstick Mini comes with up to 56 swappable heads
  • The Wowstick Mini's battery can apparently last for up to six hours of continuous work
  • The Wowstick Mini can be used manually or electrically
  • Buttons on the side of the Wowstick Mini turn the automatic mode on

Standmac says the new Wowstick is the world's most compact electric screwdriver, and that looks to be more or less the case. It measures 173 mm (6.8 in) long, 16 mm (0.6 in) wide and weighs just 50 grams (1.76 oz). It's all wrapped up in an aluminum alloy unibody, and overall looks like a particularly fancy pen.

Depending on the task at hand, there are 56 different bits that can be slotted into the device, including a selection of Philips head, flat and hex pieces. For easy jobs you can just turn it manually, but if a bit more leverage is needed the Wowstick Mini can ramp things up to 200 rpm at the press of a button. To make sure you can see what you're doing, there are three bright LEDs built in to light the way, arranged so they apparently won't cast a shadow over the workspace.

The Wowstick Mini measures 173 mm long, 16 mm wide and weighs 50 grams

Standmac says the battery in the Wowstick Mini can last for six hours of continuous work, and recharges through a micro-USB port on the bottom in 40 minutes.

When it's not being used, it stands vertically in the Wowbase, which is designed to make it look presentable enough that you'll want to keep it on display, close at hand. The fact that the base doesn't recharge the Wowstick feels like a bit of a missed opportunity to us, though.

In a classic Kickstarter example of clutching at straws, Standmac is also excited to describe the Wowstick Mini as a fidget toy. We guess you can spin it if you're feeling antsy, but we're not sure that's really worth a dot point on the back of the box.

Standmac is currently seeking funding for the Wowstick Mini on Kickstarter. So far, it's raised a bit over US$6,000 of its $20,000 goal, with 29 days remaining on the campaign. Early Bird pledges start at $30 for a Wowstick, base, 20 bits and a USB cable, while the Pro Pack gets you the full 56 bits for $46. To pile in some extra accessories, a $60 pledge includes a Wowcase to store the device and a magnetic Wowpad that keeps the bits in place.

Fairly ambitiously, the company says the device should be in backers' hands in December 2018 if the campaign is successful.

Check out the campaign video below.

Source: Standmac



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