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Duminică, 30 Octombrie 2011 11:52
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                 Este timpul ca ceva să fie făcut pentru a păstra valoarea de masina ta :
De înaltă calitate jante ar trebui să fie întotdeauna tratate cu deosebită atenţie, şi de această vopsea vara trecuta a trebuit sa pus cu destul de mult. Chiar dacă suntem bucura acum de aceste ultime zile de aur de toamna, iarna este chiar la colţ..


Sonax introduces two sympathetic brand ambassadors

Sonax is sending two original brand ambassadors to the starting line this winter: “Andy Freeze” and “Clara View”– two young, “fresh” and likable faces who will present the Sonax winter line-up to the public. The names cleverly play upon the successful winter windscreen cleaner Sonax Antifreeze & Clear view.


Care insurance

Set the automobile to ‘winter mode’

It's high time that something be done to preserve the value of your car. High-quality rims should always be handled with particular care, and this past summer paintwork had to put up with quite a lot. Even though we are now enjoying these last golden days of autumn, winter is just around the corner. Sonax expert Richard Hanauer explains what's important when it comes to caring for your care right now.If you take a close look at cars, you’ll see that the menaces of last summer were still hard at work. There's hardly a car that doesn't have traces of splattered insects, tree sap or bird droppings. That's why a thorough “spa treatment” for your car is absolutely essential before heading into the cold winter season.

Clay for a thorough cleaning

Before giving your car a thorough cleaning, you always start off by washing it by hand or running it through the carwash. This is especially important so that the subsequent polishing produces an optimum result. We recommend using Sonax Xtreme Spray & Clay, which is essentially a “cleaning clay”. The set consists of the cleaning clay and a special cleaning spray. The clay cleans paintwork surfaces, painted plastic components and windscreens quickly, easily and thoroughly. The product is used after washing the car to remove troublesome spots such as tar, surface rust, splattered insects and tree sap. After spraying on a coat of the spray, simply use the clay to rub off all the grimy spots on the surface, which adhere to the clay and can no longer harm the paintwork. The clay comes in a resealable PE box and can be used several times.




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