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Hayabusa 2 prepares to fire projectiles at asteroid Ryugu to kick up dust for collection PDF Imprimare
Marţi, 19 Februarie 2019 17:24
Ryugu, imaged from an altitude of around 6 km

Ryugu, imaged from an altitude of around 6 km(Credit: JAXA, University of Tokyo, Kochi University, Rikkyo University, Nagoya University, Chiba Institute of Technology, Meiji University, University of Aizu, AIST.)

   A daring mission to collect dust samples from a kilometer-wide space rock hurtling around the Sun is soon to reach a critical juncture, with mission scientists in Japan preparing to lower their Hayabusa 2 probe to the surface of the asteroid Ryugu. As part of this objective, the team will fire metal bullets into the asteroid's gravely surface, but not without having conducted a dress rehearsal first.

  • Image of the Ryugu asteroid's surface, captured by JAXA's skipping robots
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